LING 580 E: Problems In Linguistics

Meeting Time: 
Th 3:30pm - 5:50pm
MGH 284
Richard Wright

Syllabus Description:

Ling 580 is a seminar course on speech perception. It has three main goals:

1 - introduce students interested in speech-perception based research to the basics of the neurophysiology of the auditory system and areas of the brain involved in speech perception.

2 - introduce students to basic methodologies in speech perception experimentation.

3 - cover areas of research directly related to student research interests.

This is a 2 or 4 credit course depending on the section that the student is enrolled in. The work expectations reflect the section credits.

In seminars, students are expected to complete the readings before the relevant class, participate in discussions to bring their points of view to bear on the subject material, and present at least one reading that is relevant to the topic. Students who are enrolled for four credits will also complete a final project. As a final project, students can do one of the following options (written very short 5 pgs):

1: write a proposal outline that uses a methodological aspect of the course,

2: write a paper that summarizes research related to one of the theoretical or methodological aspects of the course,

3: implement a perception experiment in either Matlab or in Psychopy (or some other experimental testing package that they can demo to the class)

4: create a set of auditory stimuli that are designed to test a specific hypothesis using either careful editing, parametric synthesis, or resynthesis.

From discussions with several students the topics that we will go into more detail on may include:

- prosody, intonation, and perception

- perception of conversational disfluency (as opposed to disfluency disorders)

- morphology and perception

- perceptual diagnostics of phonological disorders


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Advanced study in current theories of syntax, semantics, phonology, or morphology. Can be repeated for credit.
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